Saturday, September 28, 2013

Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha


Ugh. Felt like watching X-man presented in Cowboy Bebop-ish style i.e. episodic.

Full of cliche. At one point (Huang's past episode) I was going: "Hm I think this would happen...oh lol I got it

Best ep IMO. Even this one had some cliche but cliche doesn't mean bad.

right" times several times until the episode ended. But overall each arcs were somewhat boring for me.

Some arcs were decent, some were forced (the one with yakuza stands out for me) and some just falling flat.

Thanks to being episodic, the pacing becomes very slow with the real story happening quite later in the series. I guess the mini arcs interlaced well together to present its overarching plot, but then that plot wasn't that good...FULL X-MAN.

Speaking of sound track, it was very good EXCEPT the one used for Hei (MC). They kept using these jazzy ones but then it's a different kind of "cool" than what Hei has. His charisma comes from silence unlike, say Spike in Cowboy Bebop with his easy going making him cool - which made jazz quite fitting for the character in that case. Anyway it was one mood killer although in other parts OST carried the moments well.

People say it's got good action but I dunno. I guess it was fluid but choreography wasn't really that memorable for me.

Oh and lastly, some unexplained stuff bugs me. What's the significance of the Gate and how did it come? What happens to his sister now? What about him? I hope them to be explained next season.

6/10 Just average plot.


Yeah this one was okay I guess, somewhat forced but fun.

6/10 Adds nothing much to the story, just more insight into characters.

EDIT: I HAD ONE THING TO DO, ONE THING. . Second ending is quite good too. But crap first OP and alright second OP
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